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  • THE MONKEY DOCTER THE MONKEY DOCTOR Dr. Irving's (the monkey doctor), site is done using HTML and CSS, and comes complete with a style switcher, enabling the user to switch themes with a click of a button.
  • CRAIG OLIVER CRAIG OLIVER Website design for Craig Oliver Ministries, showcasing his video sermons and online store.
  • IMAGE BY ELLIS IMAGE BY ELLIS This fashion consultant from Toronto, has a site that is clean and modern, with just a touch of Jquery.
  • THEATRE DU REVE THEATRE DU REVE This re-design for a French theatre group in Atlanta, embodies their theatrical aesthetic.
  • TOKYO TOKYO JAPAN This dynamic flash site explores the everyday life of the Japanese people living in Tokyo.
  • JUMPSTART JUMPSTART A redesign for a company dedicated to re-launching women's careers.
  • Dr. Irving Monkey Docter
  • Craig Oliver Ministries
  • Image By Ellis
  • Theatre du Reve
  • Tokyo Japan
  • Jumpstart Your Career
About Me
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My Process
The Design Machine

The process in which late night brainstorms and constant rotation of coffee evolve into a series of sketches and sticky notes. Every great design starts with a great idea...


Websites are not just pretty to look at, design requires a structure. Information architecture although, a sometimes overlooked process, separates the good from the bad ass!


10cc's of creativity stat! Let's turn this pumpkin into a Porsche, creativity will always be the bloodline in any great design, it's the fluid that makes this machine work!


Code validated, design done, usability and accessibility tested, we're ready for take off. Your brand new site, your very own stamp on the world wide web! Congratulations, its a boy!

My Credentials
Statement of Purpose

age 15 I got my first job. Some would have called it child labour, but I called it the best experience of my life. It was a job at a local newspaper, creating ads like “Sale! $9.99 shoes at the Shoe Depot! [star burst] ”

All I could think was- I can make money doing THIS! From that moment on, my love for design grew, even before I knew what graphic design was.

Fast forward to 2011 after graduating from the Savannah College of Art and Design, with a Bachelors in Fine Arts: I found myself working at an ad agency, where I was responsible for art directing and producing nationwide campaigns for clients like Baileys, Captain Morgan, Camel, and Coca-Cola just to name a few, but it never felt like work a day in my life.

I was blessed to have found a profession that I loved. My passion has since turned into an obsession, and I always strive for excellence, not just because I am an anal retentive recluse (not!) but because

my work is my brand

Expertise in photoshop, illustrator and other such programs are just a vehicle for what I can only describe as an innate sense of design, to be fine tuned in educational institutions.

The progression from print to web was inevitable, and our ever-evolving times now require us to facebook, youtube, blog, twitter and link our every milestone.

Regardless of your feeling on the subject, the web is teeming with opportunities for individuals and businesses alike.

With today's technology, the possibilities are endless (personally I am waiting for the phone that turns into a Ferrari), and with it brings the need for persons like myself that will create the billboards on this information highway: “Sale! $9.99 shoes at!” [minus the star-burst]

In addition to my proficient design and web skills, I also bring my well rounded experience, a determination to surpass expectations and the ability to truly love what I do. I think these qualities are truly the driving force that turn a job into a career and a career into a lifelong commitment.

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